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Welcome to my blog, I'm basically just a mummy who loves to sew. I've always been able to sew but lately I've taken things to the next level. I am completely obsessed with creating things whether it's a skirt for myself, appliquéing cool designs on tees for my son or a cute shirred dress for my niece.

Now I find myself waking down the street staring at clothes looking for inspiration and contemplating how would you make a neckline like that? What happened to me I used to have a life...I think!

I am English but at present we are living in Budapest (my partner is Hungarian), we've been here for 5 years and we are ready to move on. We will go back to England in about 6 weeks, I can't wait to go fabric shopping. I have a lot to thank Budapest for, my son being the most important one, a whole year of maternity leave to spend with my bundle of cuteness and ridding me of my television addiction. In the UK I watched a lot of crap and found time for little else. When we moved here the Hungarian programmes lacked little appeal for us so we decided to get rid of our tv. It's amazing how much time you have to do other things when your not glued to the screen permanently. Well anyway it started off my sewing and I can't stop!

I hope you find something in this blog useful, I would appreciate any comments. even if you have advice on how to improve a technique I've used, I'm all ears.

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