Saturday, 6 August 2011

Armani Inspired ♥

So I have had some grey tubing hanging around for a while and at first I thought I could make a super simple skirt from it until I saw this.....

Sorry about the quality of the photo but it's straight from a magazine. So this little beauty is from Armani and retails at 169 pounds. My mind went into overdrive as I was thinking how could I make this easily???

So I took a vest cut diagonally and add the mid section from the tubing, sounds easy right? It was...

I drew lines across the vest with chalk and then added an overlock stitch from my machine, a simple zigzag would do. Then I cut the pieces. With the tubing I just pinned it to myself and sewed it to ensure a nice fit. Then added the pieces together.

...and I now have my very own armani-esque little dress!

This was super easy to make and would have been easier if the vest wasn't knit. I absolutely loved wearing it last night and got some approving looks (so I hope).

✂ ✂ Happy Sewing ✂ ✂


  1. Awesome! :) But you kind of need your figure to pull it off. But way to go, saving 170 pounds! :D

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  3. I love this, great job...found you via Britmums....hurrah!! xx

    ps. you look great in it too :o)