Friday, 22 July 2011

Wunderful wunder under

So you know those moments when you're sat chilling on a Saturday night, then your partner comes up and informs you tomorrow is his friends little girls first birthday. Now in the UK it's not too much of a problem some shops are still open on a Sunday. Well here in Hungary you're lucky to find some shops open on a Saturday, you've a hope in hell on Sunday.

So off I go to my little fabric stash and see what I can whip up for the little beauties (turns out it's a joint party). I've just bought some wunder under (wunder what I hear you say), as the name implies this stuff is truly wunderful. It makes appliquing a doddle and easy for even the least crafty among us, so let me talk you through it.

First decide a shape you like, I went with a heart. Cut out your stencil, then use it to cut out from the wunder under.

You'll feel two sides to the stuff, one paper side and one rough side. You place the rough side onto the reverse of your fabric, then iron it for 5 secs without the steam on.

Once you've done this cut around the shape and then peel back the paper side....

Next place onto the fabric you'd like to applique on, place a damp cloth over the top and iron with steam for approximately 10 secs. Now your fabric shape is in place you just need to secure it with a zigzag stitch to stop it fraying.

I also made cute little hairbands to match...

Top tip: keep your wunder under in an airtight bag to stop it peeling away from the paper.

✄ Enjoy ✄


  1. These are just "wunderful"! Im not really a great "sewer", but when I see things like this it inspires me to get my machine out and start making a noise! My little girl is long overdue a pretty headband so methinks I know just what I'll be making for her this weekend!

  2. The head bands are from a tutorial by:
    She also has some other great stuff to make so check out her site. Really glad you liked it and get making some noise!!!

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