Monday, 11 July 2011

Nothing new

So I am setting myself a little challenge and I am determined not to buy any new clothes. I intend to make everything myself, my theme for this is all things pretty. So far this month I'm not doing so bad, I've created 2 skirts, a dress and I'm working on another dress as I write this (well not exactly as I write this that would be pretty impressive though). So I'm from the UK and have been living in Hungary for 5 years, my partner is Hungarian and my son is beautiful mix of the 2. We will be moving back to the UK in 6 weeks, anyway off topic but I wanted to say I'm doing a sewing class in Hungarian. This in itself has been pretty tough as I keep misunderstanding my teacher and cutting or stitching the wrong piece, but we get there in the end. So here is a cute floral skirt I made, this picture doesn't do the skirt or me justice but Dylan is cute on it! I had to laugh the British government are encouraging mums to ensure their toddler gets a least 3 hours exercise a day. This is Dylan in his 6th hour of action in about 40 degrees heat....this way mum.

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